BAT CAT – The caped avenger


One of the newer residents to the village, this human calls Bat Cat. He is the avenger for the planet and monitors those who put their recyclables into the correct bins and who does not. There is no doubt that he shares his information with the powers that be and is a killer for detail in his meowed reports. 


Some say he is feral and he doesn’t take time to visit. However, his workload is tremendous and Bat Cat is a perfectionist. With an intense eye and ever vigilant, our superhero had no time for idle chitchat. 

Bribery doesn’t work, he is not a politician. Yet he is known to appreciate some of the offerings left by those who are aware of his selfless efforts on behalf of his village.

While he continues to avoid human contact, he is keenly aware that there are those who would like to reach out and pet him. This mere human typist is among them and shall continue to bring treats in the hopes of obtaining photos at a closer range.


Bisous, Bat-Cat and the human 

All mistakes are due to human error and shall be dealt with.


4 thoughts on “BAT CAT – The caped avenger

  1. catladymac

    Since BatCat appears to be calico, the likelihood is that this is Bat-WOMAN-Cat, since the majority of calicos and toroiseshells are female . This should only aid in her patolling ! Purrs !


    1. Léa Post author

      Yes, you are probably correct. Alas, this mere human typist had male felines on her mind as our newest addition to the family is male.


      1. Noreen Heikes

        This shouldn’t pose much of a problem with the naming of the cat in the post: the correct term for a female cat is a queen. Note her regal stance and utter contempt for us mere citizens. So perhaps Her Royal Superiorness The BatQueen would be an apt name?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Léa Post author

        Perhaps, but this mere human only types the story as dictated by the felines in charge. There are no human editing privledges.


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