Happy Birthday from your French cousins, Colette and Simone.

Hi there, Friends and Felines! Vivian K. Perry here, with just a quick note before I dash away again: Maisie and I have super-duper cause for celebration today. That’s right. My sister and I are celebrating a very special birthday. We have reached a whole decade! And hopefully, we can stick around for another one, […]

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To a more amicable relationship…

“If you want to write, keep cats.”  – Aldous Huxley 

20170114_104056 Simone: Mademoiselle Colette is putting up less of a struggle when I try to get close to her. Perhaps my beauty and magnificent charms are winning her over, n’est pas? I really can’t understand how she has resisted so long. How can she actually prefer to cuddle with a human to moi? 

20161210_104911 Colette: Well I must admit that some of Simone’s attentions do feel kind of nice. Perhaps it is a bit like being a kitten again. I can scarcely remember my mother and siblings. We were separated so early… well, I will show who the bigger feline is in all this and humor her until my human is where I want her. 

20161231_171451 Simone: Oh, this feels good. I do love to cuddle and have another feline close by. Sometimes she pulls away so harshly and others she simply turns and walks off. However, at times she just ignores me? Me? But I am so irresistible it makes no sense. Is she just playing hard to get? Or, does she play me for a fool? There are those who are so jealous that they berate us for being beautiful

Colette: Alright, that is close enough, actually too close but just this once. I’m beginning to fill a bit sorry for you Simone. Just don’t get used to it and don’t push your luck.

20170718_115348 Simone: Oooh, that feels so good! It has been so long since anybody gave me a wash, even if it isn’t much of one.  Nooo! Please don’t stop. I really liked that and I would be happy to return the favor. Well, it happened once, perhaps she will do it again. Now if I can get her to let me, I shall return the favor. I just don’t understand why she doesn’t seem to appreciate it like I do?

Colette: Well, I did give it a try. I really don’t see what she is all so keen on this washing thing. I am always washing myself and have never relied on others for such private matters. Okay, so it felt okay when she washed me, a bit but pleeese, there are limits to what I am willing to tolerate. Just don’t get carried away with yourself as I am more than capable. While I can put up with a bit of this from time to time, there is only so much a diva will tolerate.


Au revoir, Colette, Simone and our human


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Feline hierarchy

“A happy arrangement: many people prefer cats to other people, and many cats prefer people to other cats.”  – Mason Cooley

“Unfortunately, sometimes, when there are only two cats, at least one cat is not as happy.”  – The human

I’ve heard the expression, First in time, first in line. However, such trivial words could never apply to madame Colette. She was here first, she is in control. Anyone else entering this premises does so with Colette’s express permission or consequences will be swift. 


Boundaries are established by Mademoiselle Colette. Alas, Simone is either a slow learner or desperate for friendship. I’m afraid it is the later.  Colette: She isn’t very bright is she? Simone: I just want to be loved.


This is one of the few times that the human has witnessed behavior between me and that simpleton you see above. I don’t know why she had to come here. Yes, I demanded more attention but not of that variety. I should love to venture out and discuss things with those lovely birds and they want it too. If you could only hear them calling to me… This darn human doesn’t realize that I can take care of myself and can handle those big trucks when they come down the road, I’m certainly not afraid of them, well not too much, Colette


Oh pretty, pretty please… come on Colette. Just let me be your friend.

20161209_133447   Colette: This is how it’s going to be. I’m in charge and I make all the rules. 

Simone: Oh goody, goody, goody… I have a friend. Okay, so I admit the human is tolerable but pleeese! She is, after all, merely human.

Colette: Don’t get your hopes up and give me lots of space. I can make things difficult. As for the human, I don’t think she is so bad. I love having my head scratched and I love to knead flesh.  Besides, she shares her salmon with me. And I get yours because you won’t eat it. Hmmm, I have to wonder why anyone wouldn’t go mad for salmon?

It is now a year since Simone joined Colette and the resident human. There is rarely any fighting and at times they do cuddle. But it is obvious, even to the human, that Simone may require someone more affectionate…

Au revoir, Colette, Simone and our human


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4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – July 2017

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Hi everyone,

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Meet Mishka

“Cats choose us; we don’t own them.”  – Kristin Cast


There are a number of felines in our world. One special friend/cousin, is Mishka. Mishka proudly hails from a tiny village in the Corbières and is surrounded by three brothers and one sister, Sophie. There are also a male and a female human in the house. 


Just one look at Mishka and thoughts of royalty or even an ancient god spring to mind. Perhaps it is a strain that lies in those majestic amber eyes. Like liquid amber, one cannot grasp his special nature from looks alone. He is the quiet ruler. Quiet and just. He rules with soft, gentle paws and hypnotic purrs. 


Please do not judge me as just a gorgeous bit of fur. I have a heart as big as the continent and deep as the Mediterranean which lies nearby. My humans are a lovely couple and I rescued them when they came to a local S.P.A. refuge. It is a place where we are cared for until the humans we are to train and manage come in search of us. They don’t really know, being only human, but we try to show them the way. We all benefit if they only follow our lead. 


As you can see, I am well at home here and my humans well trained. Actually, they have been rescued before by a series of refuge felines as well as two feral cousins. We are a rather large family by some standards. However, to our way of thinking, it is purrfect! 


Seriously my friend, if you know of humans who would benefit, and who wouldn’t?, from F.F.T.T., (Feline Focused Training and Therapy) please invite them to visit their local S.P.A. or Animal Refuge (human talk) and put themselves in very capable paws. I do hope that humans reading this will look into their hearts, dig into their pockets and support their local S.P.A.’s. 

It shall be my pleasure to visit you again in the future and for you to meet other members of my family. I do trust that you have been well cared for in the trusted paws of Colette and Simone.

Until next time,



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Establishing the boundaries…

“I have been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.”  – Bill Dana

The ongoing saga of the two divas. Will mademoiselle Colette manage to stay on top of her world? Will madame Simone finally find the love and cuddles she requires? 

tiff infomation

Colette: I’m keeping my eye on you so don’t make me use my claws or teeth!


Simone: I need some cuddles, the human is willing but she is the one that dragged me into this hostile environment… can I trust her? I feel so alone, I mean one can lower themselves to tolerate a human in certain circumstances but pleeeese, this is just unbearable. I am so sad, so alone. 


Colette: Do you see me on this sofa? Well that means find another place as I was here first! This is my sofa. Find your own place and leave me be. 

20160810_155556 (1)

Simone: No, I will not share my pain with you… I need another cat as a human cannot truly understand these feelings of abandonment and isolation. Oh, the agony of it all. To be so beautiful and yet rejected. 

20170704_205841My throne, don’t even think about it!


Will mademoiselle Colette cool her anger, forgive the unforgivable human that wrought this farce? Will madame Simone learn to accept this lowly human? Can she charm her way into mademoiselle’s good grace? 

Simone: I’m a lover not a fighter.

Colette: Well sweetie, you have a fight on your paws!



mademoiselle Colette & madame Simone


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Cats, cats and more cats!

Michelle Ingrodi founded Charm City Animal Rescue on October 26, 2009. Currently the Executive Director, Michelle started the rescue because she wanted to help some cats that were in her neighborhood in Baltimore City. The 501(c)3 rescue group is now based in Cumberland, Maryland, with a strong presence in Baltimore, and they rescue cats from Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, […]

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